Ale Dini is an Italian artist who divides her time between Italy and the UK. Originally trained as an architect in Florence, she graduated in Architecture in 1995 and subsequently pursued a career in architecture, residing in Florence, Paris, and London.

Her passion for fine art, which she had cultivated from a young age, eventually led her to fully dedicate herself to artistic pursuits.

Over the years, Ale Dini has also participated in a number of formal art programs in Italy, the US, and the UK, culminating in the completion of a BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree at Central Saint Martins, London in 2013.

Her practice encompasses a diverse range of media such as photography, mixed media, sculpture, and video. Her oeuvre is characterised by its eclectic nature, with each piece reflecting her unique perspective and personal journey.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions, and her work can be found in private collections internationally.