Ale Dini is an Italian artist and architect; she practiced both disciplines in Florence, where she was brought up and in Paris, where she lived for many years. She resides in London since 2001 and has fully dedicated herself to Fine Art since 2007.

Her work is very much autobiographical and confessional; it explores the human nature and its complex psychology, questioning conscious and unconscious processes, interpersonal relationships and physiological changes.

Through micro-narratives and self-portraits her production is a combination of photographic and scanned images, collages, paintings and videos. The colour palette is often limited and the scene is carefully constructed and arranged, frequently including a single element in the composition. The rawness of the details brings the work to life resulting in images that purport to be beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

May and November Open Studios, since 2013, Wimbledon Art Studios, London.

Frayed at the Edge, The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street, London.
A Grand Day Out, The Crypt Gallery, Euston Road, London.
Close Up: Ethereal, Gallery 106, London.
ARTROOMS 2016, Melia White House, London.

Infusion, Embassy Tea Gallery, London.
Independent Living, Bishop Creighton House, London.
Twelve, Menier Gallery, London.

Art 50, Loud & Western, London.
Spranger - Long - Dini - Mohan, MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery, London.
Crepuscular, The Crypt Gallery, London.
Celebrate Difference, Rose Lipman Building, London.
Wimbledon Art Studios, May Open Studios, London.

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, Candid Arts Galleries, London.
WhereHouse, Bermondsey Project, London.
CSM BA Fine Art Show, Central Saint Martins, London.